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Tracey Rowe

Tracey Rowe


I’m all about aesthetics and emotion, probably stemming from a childhood in the outback of Australia where the landscape really shaped my fascination of beautiful visual imagery.

Photography was something that I loved, and throughout High School experimented with black and white photography which led to a 3 year Bachelor of Arts Degree, majoring in Photography at RMIT in Melbourne. After working in London as an advertising photographer, I returned to Sydney where I began work as TV commercial Director. This has been an incredible adventure, one that I’m still very much enjoying.

Balancing creative with challenging budgets is where I thrive. I work all over the world for a variety of products and for all different cultures. Years of very large Post Effects driven campaigns has meant that I’m very comfortable with CGI, so I know how to plan and shoot for it. I also like working with real people and children, capturing genuine and honest performances.

I love being involved in the creation of highly visual storytelling, combined with emotive performances in order to create work that is truly memorable.

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