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Justin McMillan

Justin McMillan


I always had an appreciation of cameras growing up, but what I really loved was telling stories, mostly in attempt to get out of trouble. I could sing every commercial jingle on TV and by age 13 I could recite the entire screen play for my three favourite films of the time – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, The Lost Boys and Stand By Me.

When I’m not making commercial films – I make short films and develop feature film and TV series concepts. I watched my father work 6 days a week my whole life, so it’s natural for me to be constantly chipping away on multiple projects and improving my craft.

It wasn’t until I started work as an art director in Sydney’s advertising scene that I was exposed to the film industry and I instantly fell in the love with the craft of film making.

What I love about commercial film making is that it requires you to be resourceful to find the magic in each individual project, regardless of the budget. I believe there’s a way to make any piece of communication an enjoyable experience for the audience and I really love the challenge to find and deliver it every time.

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