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Rey Carlson

Rey Carlson


Rey started his career happily within his first loves as both a stills photographer and cinematographer. Don't tell anyone, but Kylie Minogue was an early client, and shot to stardom almost immediately after working with Rey … just sayin’


Rey was quite happy with his career up to that point, but like many idiots before him, he was tempted to the dark side, when the (director) he was shooting for was taken suddenly ill on set, and Rey was asked to step in.


It wasn’t long before he realised the gravity of his mistake.


The job went on to win a NY CLIO and a MOBIUS AWARD, that mysteriously seemed to ensure a steady stream of directing work and also led to both a massive pay-cut and subsequent lack of self-esteem that comes with such a dubious career.


There you have it, a tragic story really, with the rest of the next thirty years all-consumed by high-end creative anxiety and brand angst for clients including: Mercedes, Subaru, Canon, Woolworths, Honda, McDonald’s, BMW, Waitrose, Google, NRMA, Yoplait, Greenpeace, NAB … and many others.


Happily though, he can also say that he has met some truly brilliant people along the way, and filled three passports with adventurous travel.


Rey has also won a lot of quite heavy awards, a brace of Cannes’ Lions, AWARD trophies, Mobius, CLIO etc … but don’t worry, his hubris is now firmly in check, as his girlfriend now effectively uses them as paper weights. 

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