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Production is the last thing we do.

prodigious / adj.

  • extremely great in ability, amount, or strength;

  • creatively agile in performance

  • an Australian, integrated production company

We make with meaning


With our guiding principles driving our work, we're ready to take on the small jobs, the large jobs and everything in between.

We love CGI


If it's not posssible to shoot it live, then our talented CGI artists take control. Ranging from simple object replacements to large-scale character work, we've done it all.

We love motion graphics

Not every job needs a huge shoot to get the message across. With the help of our artists, a beautifully animated motion graphics sequence can be the full story, or the icing on the cake.

We love to make in our spaces

We are located in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, with purpose-built studios and state-of the art post-production and sound recording suites.

We partner with high-calibre talent

Our open-source model allows our clients access to the best production specialist talent.


We create end-to-end content

Prodigious PLAY is our digitally-led offering, with expanded capabilities across strategy, creative, social and production.

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